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Shredding Services for Homes

Every day you receive paper that needs to be shredded. It comes in as junk mail, account statements, insurance documents, tax documents, phone lists and countless other pieces of paper with your name and address on it. You know you need to shred it but home shredders are slow and don't last.

You have a few different options for residential shredding.

Per 30 Pound File Box Buy A Shredder Shredding Service Ship 'n' Shred
Costs Equipment: $98
Labor: $68
Total: $176
Equipment: $0
Fees: $100
Total: $100
Equipment: $0
Fees: $30
Total: $30
Security You have to do it yourself AAA Certified when available AAA Certified shredders
Time 7 hours per file box 15 minutes to schedule service 15 minutes to schedule service
Reporting None Certificate of Destruction for job Certificate of Destruction
Recycling No Yes Yes
Electronics No Where available Yes
Misc. Dangerous machine with periodic replacement Shredding on their schedule Shredding on your schedule

Wait! Don't throw away that computer

Before you throw away or give away your old computer; consider all the personal information stored on your hard drive. Ship 'n' Shred offers a hard drive shredding service. One hard drive or whole computers, we shred them all into tiny pieces and then recycle the bits.

We properly recycle all computers in accordance with all state and EPA regulations.

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