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Sharps Mail-Back Services

Smaller businesses or households normally don’t generate enough sharps to dispose of for pickup services to be the most cost-effective method. If you’re looking for a more convenient and cost-efficient way to get rid of your smaller number of sharps, Ship N Shred has a mail-back option. All you need to do is order your mail-back kit and follow the instructions that come with it.

The kits are compliant with federal and state guidelines when it comes to sharps and mail-back sharps services so you can rest assured your sharps will be disposed of properly. Mail-back services use the safest disposal methods, like autoclaving or incineration to ensure these hazardous materials stay out of the environment. In addition, your coworkers and family members will be safe from needlestick injuries and diseases. Click on the mail-back kit below to get started!

Mail Back Options From Our Partner Programs

1 Qt Prepaid Sharps Mail Back Kit
1 Quart Prepaid Sharps Mail Back Kit

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