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Hard Drive Destruction

You've started a document destruction program to protect your confidential information but now you are getting new computers and don't know what to do with the old ones. The data stored electronically contains confidential information and is also covered by the HIPAA and FACTA disposal rules. The question is what is the best way to properly destroy the information.

The three most popular ways to destroy information on hard drives is software erasure, degaussing and physical shredding.

Once you have properly destroyed the data you need to properly dispose of the computer. Computers and monitors are considered hazardous waste and most states have laws that govern their disposal. Think you can just donate them to the school? Think again. If they are too old for you then they are going to be too old for your local school. So what do you do?

Another advantage of using a shredding contractor to physically shred the equipment is the electronics will be properly disposed of. Services like Ship 'n' Shred mechanically separate out the pieces by material and then they are recycled as scrap.

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