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Hard Drive Shredding Service

A hard drive is a storage center found in many types of computing devices. The drive contains a variety of important information including the code for your operating system, the framework required to access the internet, and all of the things you save.

Data stored electronically is covered by HIPAA and FACTA privacy regulations. This means all confidential information must be destroyed when disposing of your devices. Physical destruction of the hard drive is the only way to ensure that your data is safe and unrecoverable.

Hard drives that have been erased, scrambled, or overwritten; leave behind bits of data that can be recovered and misused. Hard drive destruction services use powerful shredding equipment that destroys all parts of your hard drive, eradicating your data.

Ship ‘N’ Shred is a certified hard drive shredding provider. We accept hard drives from across the country to be destroyed by a shredding company near you. We properly dispose of hard drives and include recycling. Our process is secure, environmentally friendly, and legally compliant.

Why Ship 'N' Shred?

Ship ‘N’ Shred is your convenient solution to protecting electronically stored data. You can separate the hard drive from the device or send in the entire device for disposal. Simply box it up, ship your media, and we will shred it all into tiny pieces.

We make sure your data is safe along the way by monitoring the chain of custody. The chain of custody is a documented trail that tracks the movements of your hard drives. There are several components to the chain of custody to keep your information safe:

Costs and Benefits

Secure hard drive shredding is not only the most effective method of data destruction, but it also costs a fraction of the price when compared to using other erasure tools.

Our highly efficient recycling system mechanically sorts through the pieces of your shredded hard drives and devices to separate the different materials. Recyclable materials like aluminum, steel, ferrous metals, and electronic circuitry can all be used in the manufacturing of new products.

Shred Your Hard Drives with Ship ‘N’ Shred Today

Ship ‘N’ Shred makes it easy to complete your hard drive shredding project. We ensure the safe and complete destruction of your data paired with hard drive recycling. Start the process today!

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