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National Shredding Services

Compliance offices for large organizations have the difficult task of managing the shredding across multiple locations. It is difficult to provide a uniform and secure option that scales.

Ship 'n' Shred offers programs for regional and national companies. It offers a unified shredding option across the country. It scales easily as offices or stores expand or contract.

Branch Offices

Need a solution for branch offices? Ship 'n' Shred can provide a shredding solution to every office and home. Each location can send in their shredding with centralized billing. Manage the entire process for the compliance office.

Retail Outlets

Ship 'n' Shred is popular with retail companies. Each store simply collects the files outlined by compliance for destruction in a box. Once full it is sent in for shredding. Compliance can verify the shredding is taking place on an expected schedule.

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